ECOCOAL new environmental technologies
ECOCOAL, s.r.o. New Envirnmental Technologies

The company ECOCOAL,s.r.o. operates in a wide range areas involving the designing and building the constructions for environmental protection. Significant activities are in the area of research, development, designing, implementation and operation of modern technologies for decreasing or minimising of quantity of production of waste by facilitating its use as secondary raw material.

We provide handling with wastes including hazardous wastes and with the application of environmental friendly technologies for remediation of old environmental sites. Using our proprietary know-how for decontamination technology using bio-degradation methods we are able to modify the properties of waste polluted by oils and phenols.

We offer modern and economic-friendly solutions towards removal of odour and a wide range of pollution from the air using technologies working o­n plasmo-chemical and catalytic principles and the technology ‘Bio-filter’- in modular concept with possibility of horizontal and vertical formations.

ECOCOAL, s.r.o. holds international certifications for Management of Quality, Environment and Safety according to CSN EN ISO 9001:2001, CSN EN ISO 14001:2005 and MS BOZP 45001:1999

  • handling with waste including hazardous waste
  • remediation of old environmental sites
  • minimisation of waste by enabling use as secondary raw material
  • bio-filtration of air- removing odour and pollution, bio-degradation of methane
  • plasmo-chemical methods of removing odour and pollutants from air
  • decontamination of soil and ground waters using proprietary bio-technology
  • work o­n research and technologies evolution for water treatment in cooperation with dominanting world market position partners
  • research and development

Ecocoal, s.r.o.
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