ECOCOAL new environmental technologies
ECOCOAL, s.r.o. New Envirnmental Technologies

Intelligent waste management (IWM)

  • We have technology of handling and reprocessing for environmental friendly and safe landfilling
  • Purpose of intelligent handling with waste is possible of theirs maximum usage like secondary raw materials
  • S/S technology, biological-chemical and physical-mechanical modification of waste- with these modifications we facilitate (hazardous industrial) waste-filling in specially prepared sites
  • Landfilling sites are identified according to local conditions and must be designed using systematic methods for protection ecology for example permeability barriers(double independent seal) for preventing soil and ground water contamination, monitoring of influents in the environment of the site
  • Our landfilling sites are designed and built by us and are encapsulated to ensure zero impact o­n environment
  • We can design and build municipal landfill sites featuring maximised utilisation of cubic area- by systematic dumping regimes, scientific capture of gases to allow optimised collection for co-generation plant, bio-mass plant, prevention of ground water contamination and elimination of bad-odour emanating from such landfill sites and site-beautification
  • With regard to all the time technologies development for sorting and re-use waste it is necessary at present secondarily nonutilisable waste put so as to in future was possible use them whether in consequence technical or financial barriers

  • waste sorting
  • composting
  • secondary waste utilization
  • material saving with view of secondary utilization
  • waste separate saving
  • construction landfillings
  • quality subsoil compaction
  • biogas utilize

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