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ECOCOAL, s.r.o. New Envirnmental Technologies

Air pollution management (APM)

  • Bio-filter operate o­n the principle of bio-film, which covers the particles of the material. Volatile pollutants are dissolved together with oxygen in the moistened bio-film and are metabolized by micro organisms under aerobic conditions. Such metabolites (CO2) diffuse through biological layer, are converted into the gas phase and are collected from the device
  • Biological filters for cleaning of air are designed for volumes within the range of flow from 100 to 10,000 m3/hour, or in the case of cleaning of liquid 1-100 m3/hour
  • Advantages are low price, low power demand, easy operation, long operating life, easy introduction of the process, variability of solutions, failure-free operation and effectivity in interception of bad matter is above 90%

  • landfill
  • paint-shops,
  • lamination worksshops
  • degreasing of parts
  • food industry
  • production of plastic materials
  • production and processing of paints
  • pharmaceutical production
  • cleaning of inert gases
  • elimination of odours
  • printing houses

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