ECOCOAL, s.r.o. New Envirnmental Technologies

Intelligent waste management (IWM)

  • Technology of reprocessing chemical and physical-mechanical characteristics of waste with the purpose of decreasing the concentration of pollution and removing bad odour
  • Reprocessing is done with the target of maximization of the possibility of secondary use in industry
  • Technology based o­n research arising from reprocessing of waste from mining, power supply, metallurgy, chemical, paper, pulp and food industry

S/S Technology

  • Technological process of waste set-up by decrease matters toxic mobility theirs stabilization or solidification in the appropriate additions
  • Decrease possibilities dangerous elements and reactants elution into the surrounding environment
  • Waste set-up to the next utilize like they are re-cultural materials, certificate products production, sanitary of waste treatment sludges etc.
  • This technology is focused typically o­n industrial solid and liquid waste like sludge from cleaning of water and air, waste from livestock production, food industry, chemical industry and metallurgy

Biological Treatment

  • We disposal with own technologies based o­n BioDeg-F and BioDeg-B like microbial consortium application with connection with offered services of biological degradation (decontamination and bio-filters)
  • BioDeg-F preparation is identified for poly-aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral hydrocarbons, aliphatic pollution
  • BioDeg-B preparation is operated for VOC o­n the principle of bio-film, which covers the particles of the material

Chemical Treatment

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