ECOCOAL, s.r.o. New Envirnmental Technologies


  • ECOCOAL,s.r.o. developed technology for air polluted purification VOC by the help of microbiological consortium "BioDeg-B", that is apply inside of bio-filter system
  • This technology was object of several few years experimental process with positiv results nad nowadays is use in many large industrial companies like most effective and at the same time most accesible variant for air purification
  • The solutions of projected biofilters reflect the particular needs of customers and they take into consideration the qualities of the environment
  • Technology is passed by State health institute

Biological decontamination

  • Microbiological consortium "BioDeg-F" is company developed preparation for biodegradation of organic pollutant like poly-aromatics hydrocarbons and non-aromatics hydrocarbons in soil and groundwater
  • This technology developed from needs to cleaning oil and phenols pollution in soil, groundwater and sludges
  • On the basis of good decontamination results o­n a lease surfaces, company built up own decontamination site with waste capacity of 35 000 ton/year and possibility receipt of 28 various hazardous waste according to waste catalogue
  • Technology is passed by State health institute

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